< See MOTION for some examples of my timelapse photography films and video work.


Timelapse photography manipulates time.
A single still photo is just one moment in time. Timelapse involves multiple still photos (often 1000's), captured over a specific period and then sequenced together creating an illusion of time passing quickly in the final video sequence or film.

I work directly with construction firms, industry, engineering and architectural clients large or small to showcase clients' projects at their absolute best using timelapse photography techniques alongside my architectural stills work.

Full post production and sequencing for all motion work (timelapse and video) is also done in house as part of the service.


Timelapse photography can capture a project from beginning to end and greatly assist in the whole 'story' of construction, providing wider context for larger or more interesting builds.

DanD photography + Video | Architectural provides 3 types of timelapse photography service (internal + external):


I manually capture proceedings over the course of a few hours / a day max. Professional digital SLR cameras and lenses are used creating very high quality timelapse films (at 4k/UHD or even higher if required).
Motorized dolly rails and sliders are also used, enabling dynamic camera movement and more cinematic timelapse footage.


Anything that can't be accomplished with a managed shoot in a day requires a long term solution. The current method I employ uses a relatively cost effective system involving multiple specialist weather-proof, battery operated cameras, installed in fixed positions for the period of time required. This is usually weeks or months, requiring periodic site visits for checks and backups. 


A mixture of managed short term and long term timelapse photography can be provided along with 'traditional' filming. These are the best marketing packages for my clients as combining different types of timelapse footage alongside contextually relevant filming sections results in far more interesting, engaging, fully rounded short films.


< See MOTION for some examples of my timelapse photography films and video work.

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I shoot timelapse photography and video for UK and international clients across Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, the North West, and Yorkshire. For long-term timelapse projects locations outside these areas are currently not undertaken, due to the nature of the equipment used and the need for regular site visits, as described above.

All types of projects are undertaken including art, exhibitions and galleries timelapse photography, corporate, retail and leisure time lapse photography, hotels timelapse photography, Schools and education time-lapse photography, public and health timelapse photography, and residential time-lapse photography.